Topics I Wish to Cover

I will be covering the following subjects in philosophy in this journal as I have time to get my writings typed to the computer. I hope that you enjoy my views, but please be aware that these are MY OPINIONS ONLY, and that I am in no way trying to influence or change how you, the reader, think as an individual. I know a lot of philosophers try to convince and change the ideas of their readers and listeners. I am not like that. I merely wish you to know me as a person and one of the best ways to know me as a person is to know where I stand on the great areas of philosophy that have caused great controversy among free thinkers for ages.

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The Nature of the Universe

  • The world in which you and I live was here long before us. How did it come to be?
  • Was it all created or has it existed forever?
  • Who or what made it? How was it made?
  • Are the trees, stars, men, and women really “there”, or are they mere creations of our minds or of the mind of a god/goddess?
  • How came this universe to be?
  • And what is it made of?

Man’s Place in the Universe

  • Is man the destined master of the universe, or is he a “worm of the dust”?
  • What is the relation between man and the universe?
  • Is man the center of the universe, the goal of all creation, or is he a mere incident of no insignificance than a speck of dust?
  • Is the universe friendly, or unfriendly to man, or is it merely unconcerned?
  • What is good and what is evil?
  • What is the measure of good and evil in the world?
  • How can we know whether or not an act is good or bad?
  • Is there in the very nature of the universe a code of laws which determines good and bad?
  • Or, is goodness and badness a matter of the relation of an act to other acts?

The Nature of God

  • What is the nature of God, and how is he related to the universe?
  • Is God a person, like man, but more ideal?
  • Or is God a name for the force or forces which brought the universe into being and sustain it?
  • Can the human mind know God, or is God so far above man that nothing can be known about him?
  • What is God’s relation to us?
  • NOTE: I am personally a WICCAN, so my writings on The Naure of God will be in retrospect from my personal views.

Fate versus Free Will

  • Is man free to mould his own destiny, or is he a mere straw in the wind of fate?
  • Do our ideals, hopes, acts, and wills mean anything in the universe?
  • Is it true, as some hold, that we come from the unknown, are buffeted around by forces of which we have no control, and a last return to the unknown?

The Soul and Immortality

  • Is death the end of known existence?
  • Or is there more for man in a land beyond the grave?
  • Can we find in man a soul, something distinct from his body, which can survive the event of death and live eternally?
  • What can we believe about heaven or hell?

Man and the State

  • Is society made for man or is man made for the society?
  • Is the state a divine creation which man must not question, or is it a result of a “social construct” among men and subject to change when it no longer serves men?
  • How do the rulers get their authority?
  • Is revolution justifiable?
  • Is totalitarianism or democracy correct?

Man and Education

  • Why do we establish schools and pay for them?
  • Is the fundamental purpose of education the training of obedient citizens of a totalitarian state, or is it the development of free man in a democracy?
  • Shall the church or the state dominate the schools?
  • What shall we teach in our schools?

Mind and Matter

  • Is the universe actually just a great mind, or is it really matter throughout?
  • Is matter mind or is mind matter? If it is mind and matter, what is the relation between the two?
  • How can mind influence matter influence matter or matter influence mind?
  • Have philosophers found a solution to he problem of the relationship between mind and matter?

Ideas and Thinking

  • Whence came our ideas?
  • Are they born with us and do they become conscious in time, or do we get them from sense experiences?
  • Or does some god reveal them to us?
  • What are the laws of thinking?
  • How do thinkers of each age go about thinking?