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About Sir Faelandaea

My name is Nikolaĭ FazemliDaĭya Vsadnikom. I move and travel so much that I dare not list on this profile where I am from. But I am happy to say where I wish to be . . . either in Amsterdam enjoying the artistic and wonderful cultures there and the friendly souls I have spoken to thus far from that region, or Tokyo enjoying the honor, integrity and discipline of a culture that can hold values while amazingly knowing how to be creative and have fun at the same time.

Currently I am in the United States, and if I were to remain here I think I’d love to be on the East Coast getting to know friends I have only been able to know online thus far.

One of my favorite recent studies is parapsychology. I still am studying it as you read this, and it is my latest study, so if you are into parapsychology or other related paranormal studies, please feel free to speak to me. I will never claim to be an expert. In any subject area of study, I am always the student, and I always welcome with warm and open arms the wisdom, input and opinion of others. After all, without each other, how would we ever learn?

Another area of addiction to my heart is that of photography. Capturing light in an artistic manner is a passion of which I very much love. As soon as I get my new card and can activate a premium membership, I shall upload some of my better works for you to see. I do NOT consider myself a professional at all. Again, in photography, I am merely a student that wishes t forever improve.

I am what a lot of people deem a romantic. I consider that of myself as well, so I shall go with it. When it comes to love, that is the driving force of my life and soul. I never feel more complete than when I am sharing my life and adventure with that special someone. I desire nothing more than t be the protecting soul of the lady whom lets me have her heart. As of this writing, I am alone. But I still have hope. Somewhere out there is that special soul mate whom I shall dedicate my loyalty, passion and love to. I absolutely adore the thought of the moment coming when our paths meet.

My former profile was long. Many souls told me they never were able to read entirely through it as it was like a book. Thus, I shall politely step down here and simply say, if there is anything more you desire to know about me, please do ask and I shall answer. PLEASE do not shy away from the look of my friend list. For some reason I tend t make many female friends. However I wish you all to know I am VERY open and welcoming to souls of ALL genders. Please do not hesitate t make my acquaintance. I am your friend unless you give me reason not to be.

Nikolaĭ FazemliDaĭya Vsadnikom

ADDENDUM – June 13, 2011 – I have noticed I always get souls asking, “What are you?” as if I am going to say, “BOO! I am a Vampire!” I hate to disappoint anyone, but I am merely an individual. I am me. I am merely a soul who is seeking his own path and his own destiny. Yes, I have very off-the-beaten path beliefs in races, cultures, the supernatural and the paranormal, but the only thing I well ever know myself to be is . . . well . . . me. :) I DO indeed have some ideas about my genetics, but those are private and my own to explore with those who are closest to me. I appreciate your understanding of the word “individual” and wish you all a good night :)


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