As some of you know I have been modding like crazy for a few months now on Euro Truck Simulator 2. The prior posts showed dabbling with reskinning default trailers and adding some shine and polish. Now I have decided to destroy the mod entirely. The DEF files were getting confused and errors started popping up, so with the assistance of ETS2 Studio and Blender2SCS I have accomplished in a few hours what took me 2 months to even think of.

So without further ado, I present the Dragon Naturally Shipping Fleet:

Aerodynamic Liner

dns_aero dns_aero2

Replacing the default ETS2 Aerodynamic trailer is this sleeker model, with a better cooling system and frankly more storage space for cargo.

The Transporter

dns_audi dns_audi2

Yes, the pun IS intended.  If you have seen “The Transporter” movie series, then you will easily recognize this car.  While i could not find an exact A6 to load on here (the A6 is what is used in the movie), I did manage to work with these A3 models, which are almost exactly like the A6 visually, as far as low poly models are concerned.  I also managed to get them skinned in black and silver, with a very nice wax.  The trailer is the default ETS2 trailer re-skinned.  I tried like the blazes to add a DNS sign to the railing, but for some reasons Blender hated the use of the Image-To-Plane plugin, tossing out mipmaps at every attempt to run in ETS2.  While the game worked and the sign showed, the errors in the log drove me nuts, so I deleted the signs.  I will manually create the surfaces and apply the signs later.

Schmitz Bodex

dns_bodex dns_bodex2

This is about as artistic as you will see an open-top trailer, most likely.  I have assigned her to haul cargoes of grain, sugar and fresh produce.

Large Transport Container

dns_boxlarge dns_boxlarge2

DNS has completed R&D on ways to better ship your cargo in a more efficient manner, while keeping it safe from prying eyes.  This titanium steel armored crate should do the trick for the larger loads.  To add to that, this container has its own temperature control system, as well as established methods of packing so even if the container gets rammed by a stupid driver, your cargo stays safe.

Small Transport Container

dns_boxsmall dns_boxsmall2

This is the same concept as the larger container, only for smaller loads.  Don;t let the small size fool you.  The security on this crate is just as intense as its larger counterpart.

Brick Trailer

dns_brick dns_brick2

This is another default ETS2 trailer re-skin.  As with the Audi transport, I intend to manufacture signs to add to the sides of the trailer at a later date.

Cement Cistern

dns_cement dns_cement2

At DNS we are prepared to meet your heavy construction needs.  Let your cement travel in style in this high-grade steel and chrome cistern.  Yes, it IS the default ETS2 cistern, but with remapping done to the textures to allow for better control over painting.  The result:  Probably the only cement cistern I can stomach to look at.  I also found a VERY old mod of an American cistern, and plan to see if i can add her to the fleet later on as well – a 53 footer!

Chemical Cistern

dns_chemical dns_chemical2

This trailer was my first attempt to play around with themed divisions in addition to my fleet logos.  The result had me surprisingly eager to load the game up and find some chemicals to haul.  I am usually not a fan of chemical runs, but this trailer, with higher grade design and durability than the default ETS2 trailer, has me just as willing to pick up the job when it is nearby.

Futura SR2

dns_cool dns_cool2

Replacing the Krone Cool Liner, this SR2 has much better appeal to our customers and drivers alike!  Sporting a Thermo King cooling system, higher grade materials and safer features, this trailer is the workhorse of the DNS fleet alongside her dry counterpart, the Dry Liner.

Chemical Cistern

dns_crecycle dns_crecycle2

This chemical cistern is a prototype being tested for our HAZMAT recycling division.  Since I first mde this post I made a lot of changes to her, modeling her theme after the Fuel Cistern.

Krone Dry Liner

dns_dry dns_dry2

Remember when I said the SR2 was the workhorse of the fleet?  Well, she is, but she is very closely accompanied by the non-refrigerated variant of the Krone trailer line.

ENO Energy Wind Turbine Parts

dns_enoblade dns_enoblade2 dns_enorotor dns_enorotor2 dns_enoturb dns_enoturb2

ENO Energy is part of the wind energy manufacturing quickly growing in Europe.  While the blade haul is MUCH shorter than the Vestas variant, the rotor and turbine parts are the same size, making for challenging heavy haul deliveries.

Food Cistern

dns_food dns_food2

Launching the DNS Agricultural Division, this food cistern is often seen on the roads of ETS2 hauling fresh milk.  At the special request of a special someone, there’s also a charge for Izzy Soda!  if she could, she would order Izzy in bulk just as I would order milk by the fleet-load!

Fuel Cistern

dns_fuel dns_fuel2

Now THIS is more like it.  This is where I want to see the recycling cistern end up soon.  This trailer has just the right balance between paint and chrome, not overdoing it either way.  I doubled her texture size for quality, and added serial numbers for the various companies.

Packed Glass Trailer

dns_glass dns_glass2

If you are like me, then hauling packed glass has about as much appeal as going to work the next morning at a fast food joint.  I never was a fan of the glass trailers, and always found them dull and very uninteresting in every way.  However, in my efforts to try to cover all of the areas covered by the default ETS2 cargo manifest, I ended up tinkering with one to try.  The result is actually rather nice, though I am still working on it.  This trailer was my first-ever glass haul since i started ETS2 – no joke.

The Goosenecks

dns_gn1 dns_gn1a dns_gn2 dns_gn2a dns_gn3 dns_gn3a

I have yet to add the tank cisterns to this portion of the fleet, but the containers have been upgraded . . . slightly . . . okay very slightly . . . They now have titanium steel armor reinforcement, controlled directional ventilation and other added security.  When you ship with DNS, your load gets there!  And if someone heists the load, lives were definitely lost doing it, and we’re not talking about the lives of DNS employees 🙂

Jumbo Curtain-side

dns_jumbo dns_jumbo2

Other than looking really badass, there is nothing too spectacular about the Jumbo Curtain-side.  She does have the added benefit of taking any load the rest of our dry-haul fleet can do, but in larger quantity.  She can also fit vehicles inside her as well for those customers who want either discrete transport or are so snobby they don;t want rain to hit their precious windshields.  Whatever.  If the customer pays, we get the job done and have the equipment to do so.

Logging trailer

dns_ltlogs dns_ltlogs2 dns_ltlumber dns_ltlumber2 dns_ltpipe dns_ltpipe2

Not much to be said on this one.  It’s just a default ETS2 trailer, re-skinned to match the fleet, and made standalone with the cargo physically attached to the trailers.

Universal Platform Trailer

dns_platform dns_platform2

This trailer essentially replaces the default Platform Trailer, adding much more detail.


dns_poof dns_poof2

What?  Can’t I name a trailer poof?  Well, too late.  I did!  As with the Brick trailer, this is simply a re-skin of the default ETS2 explosives trailer.  hauling explosives is SO much more cooler looking now . . .


Vestas Parts

dns_vesblade dns_vesblade2 dns_vesrotor dns_vesrotor2 dns_vesturb dns_vesturb2

Thanks to Roadhunter bringing this great trailer to ETS2, DNS signed an exclusive contract to haul Vestas parts into the most dangerous of areas.  hey, just because you saw a cool wind turbine on a mountaintop does NOT mean it was easy getting it there.  As with the ENO, this is a re-skin of the trailer.  I also recolored the rotors to match the Vestas theme.

That’s all, folks.  Unless I come across another trailer I REALLY get impressed with that I absolutely MUST have in my fleet, this pretty much wraps up the fleet project.  Now I plan to reskin the entire fleet in a sci-fi theme for a local friend that also drives in ETS2.

My next project will be an overhaul of the companies in ETS2.  I have no clue why, but every “real-company” skin mod for the in-game companies and their logos seems not thought out at all.  I have issues with John Deer, CAT and JCB being a Lumber yard, Quarry and Construction site, respectively.  That’s not at all “real”.  And in these mods the grocery distribution center becomes DHL . . . okay THAt one is not so bad.  But the factories also become logistics hubs, when they should be . . . factories.  I think the only three companies that managed to stay within expected realism in these mods were UPS, Fed Ex and the refineries.

Stay tuned for screens of the progress on this project.

I also plan to wrap up the rest of the DNS truck re-skins on all trucks EXCEPT Iveco (don;t even ask – it’s not going to happen).  Renault BARELY made it into the fleet after getting some cool Chassis and engine upgrades that made it look like a truck and not just a REALLY fancy homeless person’s box on wheels.

See you soon!