As a few souls know, I have been working hard to upgrade my entire trailer fleet – both the default replacements and the stand-alone – to even higher standards of visual awesomeness and functionality.

Here is a visual showing off of what I have done so far. I have yet to assemble the rest of the stand-alone fleet – only 1 trailer done so far for that which I finished tonight, pending troubleshooting a very annoying material-call error I keep getting. Once that error goes away I plan to release the trailer to the public.


I have replaced the Aerodynamic Refrigerated with this American trailer.  It is a perfect trade-off, making this a very rare trailer as it is American, and also giving something to pull with my T800 whenever I have the chance.  I do not plan to do anything else with this trailer as I am happy with it as is.


I did not have to make any changes to this trailer since my last update.  My main edit with this skin was to make the explosives trailer more reflective for safety.  I forgot to screenshot the brick version, but it hasn’t changed either and is already posted in this blog.


This is a work in progress.  I plan to separate/split the vertexes of this trailer into more parts so I can trim the walkways and ladder in chrome.  I also want to add more detailed controls on the side.


My favorite hauls are the vans/reefers, but if I have to pull a tank, this is one of my favorites to haul.  I cannot remember the author, but it was such a joy to paint this cistern, and make it really beautiful without losing the aspect of just what it hauls – chemicals.

In a future update I plan to modify her current flat grey fenders to chrome, and maybe add chrome to the top rails also.


This 4-Axle Jumbo replaces the default Container Trailer.  I have been trying to make a lot of my trailers really pop out in detail and shine, but this is one of those trailers that you just want to keep simple.  To me the balance came out perfectly.

I may do come chrome on the ramp later on, but for the most part I like this trailer just the way it is.


This Futura SR2 replaces the Curtain Sider a.k.a. Krone Profi-Liner.  Right now she is just a skin, as she already looks good enough that I do not have to manually edit anything on her.  I can;t remember, but I do think I replaced the cooling unit, as I have been doing on a lot of trailers.  Currently she is sporting the Thermo King SL-X-200.  Part of my project is to have a different make/model of cooling unit on each trailer for variety.  Also, having different units has been helping me scroll through my jobs list faster when I am in the mod for a particular trailer to pull and want to find it fast.


This is a pride and joy.  I know she does not look like much, but she is my first ever attempt at going beyond simple painting and editing for a trailer.  The model as it is available on left a LOT to be desired.  It was a sort-of convert from ETS1, but the author didn;t bother with flares at all, so the lights didn;t work.  I originally intended to just open the pmd and add lights, and before I knew it I had literally deleted everything off the trailer except for the main walls of the body.  

I dissected the chassis and split it into chrome, metal, and painted parts.  I tossed the braces and brought in new ones off a full size Chereau.  I also borrowed labels from the full size Chereau and some accessories as well.  Notice the addition of chocks, pull/tow rings, and chrome.  I also completely tossed the old lights, as well as their textures, and brought in much higher quality lights and flares (flares that actually worked) for the model.

She may be a short, boring little inter-city trailer, but to me she is my first full all-out 3D editing project that went beyond just adding the occasional cargo or cooling unit.  This little guy just sparked a whole new inspiration to do some major overhauls on the rest of my fleet using what I learned here.


This is simply a repaint of the default Flatbed Trailer.  Note my skins for the Low-bed also showing on her cargo.  

Using what I just learned from the City Trailer project above, I plan to completely overhaul the bumper, lights and fenders of this trailer, making her worth looking at.  Flatbeds are hard to work with for visuals, but I know I can do something with this one, now.


I stumbled on this trailer in one of my Jazzy Packs I downloaded.  She is a VERY beautiful tanker.  Right now she is just a re-skin, but I want to split the hose systems and make them more detailed.  I also want to do like I saw on another trailer of mine and add a rail that pops up on the catwalk when the trailer is disconnected.  I learned last week about those sorts of animations and was amazed to find out it is as simple as attaching the parts you want to the BRACE_ON group – very nice.


If you thought a Flatbed was simple, try working with this Glass trailer.  Her mapping is about as unfriendly as it gets for skinning, and I have yet to learn successfully how to unwrap a model for remapping.  Seriously, 3D modeling itself is easier and simpler than unwrapping a UV.  So I plan to improvise.

The nose section right now is not mapped, and to me it just doesn;t look right with the white side stripe stopping where it is, so I plan to make it chrome.  Also, I plan to replace the side panels with fresh ones so the logo is not “mirrored”, thus enabling me to make a better looking side paint.  I am also going to add chrome trim to enhance her visuals a bit.

To me the Glass Trailer is THE ugliest trailer in the game, so this is at the top of my list (starting tonight actually) to work on for editing.

Gooseneck_Trailer_20 Gooseneck_Trailer_20b Gooseneck_Trailer_40

This is another pull-out from the Jazzy packs.  I could not, however, find a 30-foot variant, so i am considering tossing my favorite of these – the 20b version (that is the one with two 20-foot containers on board) in its place.  Currently a reskin only, and most likely going to stay that way.


This unit replaces the Insulated Trailer a.k.a. Krone Fridge.  She is a Schmitz which I simply painted.  Later on I plan to do some more work on the side boxes to place some labels.


Moooooooo-ve over, people.  Here comes some Cows.  This trailer replaces the new Livestock Carrier from the Scandinavia DLC pack.  While my skin may make the trailer look solid, there is plenty of ventilation and even fans to keep the cattle comfortable during their journey.  This design also keeps them protected from harsh elements during movement.


This is quite simply a re-skin of the default Logging Trailer.  Front view only since there’s nothing to see from behind.  My next and most likely final step with this trailer is working with the Alphas to make the grill have actual holes where the current black dots are.


Ignore the cargo.  This repaint only affects the trailer.  I redid the metal plating for some easier to maintain and more durable grids.  This is only a re-skin and I do not plan to do anything further with this trailer.


I screwed up and replaced both the Opentop and Tipper trailers with the same trailer.  I have another trailer already skinned and ready to go for the Opentop.  I just need to make sure she is compliant with v1.17x standards then get her into action.  In the meantime, the trailer pictured here will stay on as the Tipper replacement even once the Opentop is put into play.

I am not happy about the ladder and platform on the front.  I plan to split those off and give them chrome materials, and try to give the floor a rugged plating look.


Just a re-skin of the default Panel Transporter to not look like it is 100 years old any more.  With what I learned from the City trailer project, I plan to completely overhaul the metal handrails into chrome and add a sign somewhere on her for my company.


This trailer replaces the Platform Trailer, a.k.a. Schmitz Universal.  Only the paint is mine.  The rest of the trailer looks beautiful enough not to touch.


Even though I replaced the Aerodynamic with the USA trailer, I still wanted an Aerodynamic in my fleet, AND I wanted that one to be more common.  So this trailer, pulled from the Jazzy Packs, go a makeover from me.  I used her to replace the default Reefer.

First I split her body into multiple parts so I could add chrome trim.  I also tore out her original cooling unit and added a carrier Vector 1800 MT (NO_FRIDGE variant of the ETS2 model), Thermo King SB-200 (FRIDGE_B Variant) and Thermo  King SLXe 300 (FRIDGE_A variant).  Depending on the company and cargo, all three are in game just as the original Reefer was.  I also noticed that no matter what truck/chassis variant I drove, on turns the rear of my truck would clip right through the braces, so I moved them back.  This also made them more “built-in” to the body, giving more of a sleek feel to the Aerodynamic look.

Yes, the caution sign does say “CAUTION: Blinkie thing means turning!”


The Refrigerated Trailer, a.k.a. Krone Coolliner, has been replaced by this BEAUTIFUL Chereau trailer.  Currently she is my favorite trailer as far as model detail goes.  She is already packed with visual features and eye-candy, so there was absolutely NOTHING to do here except add my fleet colors.  Painting her was very easy also, so this mod is definitely a joy to work with.


The food cistern I was using before just seemed . . . off somehow.  It was also ugly no matter how I edited it.  It seemed a runner up for the Glass trailer for trucking eye-sores.  So I brought in this replacement for the Tank Trailer.  She was MUCH easier to paint and is much easier on the eyes.  This is the trailer that has the rail that pops up when in the BRACE_ON configuration.  I plan to adapt this rail onto the Fuel Tanker as well.  This trailer is finished and will receive no further edits from me, except maybe to give some detail and texture variation on the hose sleeves.

Well, that’s it!  I hope you like what you see here.  Now . . . off to do some heavy haul editing on that bloody Glass Trailer . . .