I have been learning Blender and Blender2SCS for only a little over a month.  I wanted to show the results, as I am also working on texturing a fleet for my ETS2.  Thus this post starts a whole new category – ETS2 mods!!!!

To kick off the category is a few shots of a store I did based on a friend’s online store.  It’s based on Anime, Steampunk and Goth, as well as a lot of historical and medieval stuff.  For the store, I modded the Kaarfor/Sellplan to be FLC, with various stone walls for the different variants.  I also added a main sign, display windows and a billboard.  There is a matching trailer/truck skin, but I didn’t take screens of these.


ets2_00082 ets2_00081 ets2_00078 ets2_00077