Black Lives Matter Double Standard

So apparently this organization supposedly stands up against violence, yet they recently started a movement that encourages violence, as well as acts of torture, rape and . . . well, the list goes on.  I spoke to a few representatives of the organization who have vowed to remain anonymous, and unlike the organization they represent, I respect the wishes of those I interview.  They informed me of the organization’s new goals of driving the country and even the world toward an apocalyptic state.

“Only if the world goes into this state will we truly be free”, they stated, “It does not matter how many die in the process.  This is war.  We will not respect life, and we will not respect any who oppose us.  We hate cops.  We hate anyone with authority, and we will fight back until everyone is free, like we were ages ago.”

~shrug~  Okay.  Well, this is going to be fun to watch, but I do have this to say – Your organization needs to pick one – either you are against violence or you are for it.  Pick one.  Otherwise you look like what you currently are – a bunch of idiots.

Personally, I am against violence, so in the eyes of this group I am their enemy, and a few of them have already sent me death threats when I mentioned that I planned to publish what I know about them.  Well, sure – shoot me or whatever makes you happy – it only proves I am correct in my findings.