I think it is hilarious how people expect so much from this silly mod, and of course the people who play it think they are very high and mighty over SCS. Part of the motivation for my writing this article was when version 1.11 came out, and the SCS forums were slammed with people actually DEMANDING that SCS fix their game to work with their multiplayer mod. So I am going to make a bullet FAQ just for people to know exactly what true facts there are about ETS2 Multiplayer:

  1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 does not support multiplayer.  This multiplayer mod is just that – a mod – made by a selfish third party developer that is entirely into himself (more on that below).
  2. You will NEVER see any security or banishing of ramming and trolling in the multiplayer mod.  The author has specifically designed the mod so that griefing is as easy as possible to do to other players.  This was done by assuring that AI is never included, and that no scripts are included to stop such actions.
  3. You will never see any AI traffic in this multiplayer mod.  The author has specifically stated that he is more than happy seeing nothing but trucks on the road, and that he believes that realism is not an option for his mod.  All he cares about is seeing how many people he can get to follow him into the server and doesn’t want to be distracted by AI while playing God.
  4. You will never see the ability to use custom maps with a multiplayer session.  See next point
  5. The author has specifically stated that he wishes to hold a complete monopoly on multiplayer, and has stated he is strongly against players having their own servers.  When I asked him about this, he stated that the reason is because he only wants players to play on his server and only his server.  The author has been assessed as a lonely individual, apparently.  His screenname is RootKiller by the way, and regardless of what he tries to say in the forums, he is the only individual on this project.
  6. You are not allowed to drive with people you know.  He has stated that he has specifically designed the mod to spawn you at random locations in order to keep people as scattered as possible.  Loads will not be available in one spot for your friends and you to pick up and convoy.

There are far more points, but this gives you the basics.  So, folks, stop screaming at SCS to change their game for a completely unrelated mod, made by a third perty that has no connection to SCS whatsoever.  And if you want to deal with the children on that server, go for it.  The rest of us will be driving peacefully – especially since the AI drives FAR better than the keyboard-using rammers that make up the population of that mod.

So now you are looking at this and thinking, “Wow, he must really be sore at this mod – he must have been kicked or griefed on it.”  Nope.  The truth is I have never downloaded or tried this awful mod.  Just reading the crap all over the forums about this mod and how self-entitled the author as well as the users felt they were was enough to keep me from it.  So this is merely a rant post about all the useless clutter of the forums about something that really should fade into the dust . . . . and because this is my web site and I can post whatever the fuck I want to on it.