Hello, Everyone

I wish to apologize to my friends on here.

I do not like to make friends and then neglect them. I will never purposefully do so. So I wish to explain where I have been for the last few weeks.

My logons have been rare. This is due to my at-home business I have started making custom made clothing (Gothic, Steampunk, renaissance, anime and Japanese traditional attire). The business is going very slow, so I have been doubling my efforts to get it going. It now has an eCommerce setup online, and my days as of late have been spent doing graphic design to promote the store.

I also started doing copies of the clothes that I make and putting virtual versions of them into a 3D chat world called IMVU. It is my hope that if the styles capture the attention of users, it will spread into real life sales as well. So far it has actually worked. One of my IMVU contacts loved the stuff so much that she made flyers and spread the word at a local Goth club where she lives. Oops. She lives in Canada. I guess it is time to expand my shipping to international. LOL. Fortunately I can do that in just a few clicks.

I am going to make it a point to start logging onto VF and staying in touch with my friends here at least twice a week. I would like to hear from all of you. Let me know what you have been up to and I will definitely respond today or tomorrow.