Garage Mod

This is a favorite of mine.

SMALL GARAGE:  Nothing physical added.  Just reskinned.

LARGE GARAGE: Reskinned completely (nothing left untouched) and added the following physical features:

  • Trailers
  • AI Truck/Trailer Parking
  • ALL doors function
  • Added second back door using idea from another garage mod I found online
  • Added billboard by fuel area
  • Imported signs from 2 other garage mods to better label the company
  • Added lady to watch over the place (don;t let her innocence look fool you.  She is vicious)
  • Added server farm to handle company data and framework
  • Added and rearranged pictures from other garage mods
  • Added vending machine for hot chocolate and other chocolate drinks (what?  I like chocolate!)
  • Redid the outside fence to be iron instead of wood.
  • Used .sii file from another garage mod to shorten garage door trigger distances.


ets2_00063 ets2_00064 ets2_00065 ets2_00066 ets2_00067 ets2_00068 ets2_00069 ets2_00070 ets2_00071 ets2_00072 ets2_00073 ets2_00074 ets2_00075