Antisocial Social Systems

Okay so after a lot of time trying to get a friend to game with me on SWTOR, she finally joins up. Of course like an idiot one of my pitches to her was “Yeah we get to stick together and I can help you level because my characters are all high level!”

Annnnd .. come to find out that the only way I could really do anything was follow her around in the open world and toss heals without grouping. And I could not join her in instances, of course, because with my levels, I’d steal all the XP. Okay, so I guess i could roll a new character and level it, but I already have all classes and roles leveled up to at least level 30. Frustrating.

What I do not understand is why a lot of MMO games seem to have designs that take the second “M” out of MMO. M = Multiplayer. M = social. The whole point of an MMO is so people can play TOGETHER.

A couple of games I play have it so that at least if you join a group member you get a level Sync. Some games call it “Mentoring”. STO calls it something else, but it essentially works almost the same, though you have to be careful who the leader is. many times I have invited a low level friend in that game and got them smashed because I was level 50 and they were like 13 or something LOL.

SWTOR – I hope you guys someday allow high levels to be on par with low levels for XP purposes. I don;t care how you do it, but if I invite friends to play, I should be able to help those friends without punishing them for me doing so.