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Hoist The Colors – ETS2 Fleet

Time to show off some progress with my fictional trucking fleet – Dragon Naturally Shipping – a play on the title of Dragon Naturally Speaking, which is an OUTSTANDING software for voice recognition. Anyway, Dragon Naturally Shipping – or DNS – is a company that ships for both military and civil applications. “We Stay Neutral So You Don’t Have To” actually comes from Borderlands as a quote from Hyperion for one of their New U machine quotes. I used it to emphasize the same humor here, where we could care less about your silly political squabbles . . . just bloody pay us so we can haul your stuff.

The other quotes used on the trailers are mine originally.

NOTE:  These are only re-skins/repaints that i have done to already existing models.  All of the physical models are copyright SCS Software and the various modders that have added accessories/cargo to them.

ets2_00008 ets2_00011 ets2_00020 ets2_00021 ets2_00022 ets2_00023 ets2_00028 ets2_00029 ets2_00030 ets2_00032 ets2_00033 ets2_00035 ets2_00037 ets2_00038 ets2_00039 ets2_00040 ets2_00041 ets2_00043 ets2_00044 ets2_00045 ets2_00046 ets2_00047 ets2_00049 ets2_00053 ets2_00062