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I just had the best holiday ever with this coming to me, thanks to a very VERY special someone . . .



It’s a 4/4 and I have already ordered a metronome and shoulder-rest for it in addition to what’s pictured above 🙂

~jumps for joy~

And here is a review on it by someone some of you may recognize if you are into the violin world . . .

I was away . . . could you tell?

So I was off for 2 months for vacation . . . came back . . . only messages in my inbox were broadcasts. LOL. I love you guys, too ;-)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer as I did :-) As the weather gradually grows colder here I will start to harass you more.


In a lot of my conversations with strangers I do my best to sound as casual as I possibly can. Relaxing tends to relax people. However I have to wonder sometimes why no one ever really engages in words of the philosophical mind any more. Space and time . . . spiritualism . . . beliefs . . . physics . . . science . . . psychology . . . I love to study it all, but when I try to engage in conversation on such matters I get glazed looks in people’s eyes.

Does the human race as a whole really take life for such granted that no one wishes to engage the mind any more? It is not like I ask people to be serious. In fact I use a lot of humor in my philosophical discussions. I love to have fun . . . but I love to learn as well. The universe is full of infinite knowledge. Every corner we turn can bring an entire outlook on the dynamics of our universe – or shall I say what we PERCEIVE as our universe – that could change our lives forever.

Yes, this is yet another vent post among many such posts on social networking sites among millions of people in the endless information superhighway. However, now that I have typed some of my feelings and thoughts for the day, I do feel better. So – regardless of it being digital – a journal is a journal, and for today mine has just served its purpose.

Goodnight, my friends, as another long work-week approaches.

Systems and Networks and Connections – OH MY!

Volunteering to test for game servers is one thing. Upping my schedule to full time as a System Administrator . . . I had no idea that full time meant ALL the time. ~chuckles~ However I would not trade this for the world. I am having a LOT of fun at what I do, even if it means I do not get on social networking sites much to say hello any more.

I am more than happy to text, and also have some applications on my smartphone that enable me to communicate. I really hope that when Vampire Freaks completes their mobile app that someone considers making one that works on WP-8.

To those whom might still think of me, I hope you are doing well, and if you write I will respond. I am one of those terrible souls that is great at responding but never great at keeping track and initiating contacts. I do not sit for half a day and prowl profiles of all my friends. Once I am your friend, I prefer to stay in touch one-on-one. I do read journals when I get a chance to . . . usually once every couple of weeks. If it seems like I am ignoring you, I greatly apologize. Lately, though, I have been thinking of my online friends a lot and looking to get back into regular touch now that my schedule is stabilizing.

My latest work project literally took a month or so to complete – a lot of hours put into it. I designed and built a network infrastructure from the ground up for a small organization, and I now take my place as their one and only system administrator. It is something I am very proud of, and is actually a dream job I have been after for a long time. I have other dreams and goals I am after that go way above and beyond this, but for the time being, due to certain limitations in my life, this will do nicely.

Goodnight, my friends. This weekend I may prowl some profiles and get back in touch with some of you that have been on my mind.

Latest Video

Good morning, everyone. After spending some time doing a lot of photo editing, I am headed to sleep. But first I wanted to share with everyone the latest trailer that the team came out with. Any of you who are R.A. Salvatore or Legends of Drizzt fans will definitely feel this one more closely than the other trailers 🙂 Goodnight, all.