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Liquid Cooling Loop Options

Okay so, with the following PC configuration:

  • Corsair Obsidian 900D
  • ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula
  • Intel Core i7-7700K
  • ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX-GTX1080-8G-GAMING 8GB GDDR5X (90YV09M1-M0NM00)
  • 4 Sticks of RAM

I came up with the following three stages of cooling:

SILENT COOLINGhttps://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/shared/oW5a02772ca5049 – 82*F Liquid Temp with 30.8 dB sound

SILENT OVERCLOCKING – https://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/shared/oW5a027c183827f – 81*F Liquid Temp with 45.5 dB Sound

OVERCLOCKING – https://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/shared/oW5a027bcade2e0 – 81*F Liquid Temp with 53.2dB Sound

I actually very seriously think with the options available I’d be okay with just the silent cooling.


The CSIO Technologies SKRS Scam

So here is the latest on my situation with CSIO Technologies (Basically just a one-man outfit named Cory Ryder) and his SKRS Shifter Scam

The Background:

On June 7, 2017, I placed an order with CSIO Technologies for their SKRS Shifter, order #6270, so that I may improve my stream viewers’ experience by using real shifting when driving in American truck Simulator. I was already aware that there was a 2-3 week assembling time on the product. However, talking to other people about CSIO, they stated that when CSIO starts assembling my product, it would go from "processing" status into "assembling" status.


So on June 13, 2017, when I saw my status was still "Processing", I sent a support ticket. It was read, but ignored. I say it was read because of pure common sense. I myself run multiple businesses online. I go by a sense of professionalism that acknowledges the rules of customer service. If a company has a support ticket system in place, and you use that official system to make a query, it is automatically assumed that the company has received and at least read your message within 24 business hours of sending. Therefore, regardless of what anyone may say, I stand by the acknowledgement that my message was received and assumed read, but blatently ignored.


I was patient, and I gave CSIO Technologies plenty of time to reply. He chose not to. On July 9, 2017, over a month after my order, I sent another support ticket. This one politely asked for a status update or, if there were issues, to let me know so i may make a decision about possibly cancelling my order. Again, the message was successfully received, read, and blatently ignored.

The PayPal Dispute Fiasco

On July 18, 2017, 9 days after my second contact attemopt and over a month and a half after placing the order with no status change, I made the hard decision to dispute the charge with my financial institution, n this case the PayPal Pre-Paid Mastercard. I filed the dispute online, and annoyingly enough, the system somehow tried to attach my dispute to some "$0.00" amount instead of the "$144.90" amount. This one was on PayPal, but they swear I clicked on some "0.00" transaction which, to this day, I cannot find any evidence of in my transaction history. Suffice it to say I was annoyed, and as a result they threw out the dispute.

On August 2, 2017, I filed a second dispute, this time by phone, with PayPal. The agent told me he had everything needed and all I had to do was wait for the investigation to complete to get the result. Again, this time on PayPal, they messed up the investigation. That first agent never told me I had to download and mail some letter to attach to the investigation. A day before the investigation completed, I called to check up and a second agent told me, "Sorry but we’re missing a required letter" … well, gee, THANKS for calling me and saying, "Hey, we noticed you hadn’t sent this IMPORTANT piece of documentation in, so can you do that, please?" Least to say, THAT dispute was dropped. At this point I am getting seriously irate.

On August 17, 2017, I called and stayed ont he phone with another agent, making a new claim, and this time I wouldn’t let the out-sourced agent hang up the phone until I clarified with him that I had everything he needed so I could make sure they have everything. This time I included not only the letter, but I included screenshots of the unanswered support tickets, as well as screenshots proving my product was NOT being assembled, and was NOT shipped. That investigation did not conclude until September 16, 2017. THIS is where it gets really interesting. Remember the CSIO guy? The one that doesn’t exist and doesn;t reply to customers?

Well, he did decide to exist long enough to reply to my bank’s investigation. He contacted them and somehow convinced them that the charge is valid and not refundable, so my bank has now decided to DENY my charge-back under some pretense that it is a valid charge and I am ineligible for a refund. Want to hear the best part about that one? Okay, here goes … this is directly from the CSIO SKRS product Page … look at the highlighted yellow:


I am now awaiting special documentation from PayPal so that I may appeal the decision to the issuing bank, using updated information I have gained (which is about to also be plastared all over this article).

Plenty of Outburst Online

As some of you know, I am a YouTube streamer. Suffice it to say that I have been venting over the last few episodes about this fiasco. Some of my viewers told me, "Guess what? You aren;t alone!" … As it turns out, apparently there are a LOT of people starting to encounter this issue. Many things have been pointed out to me, the most recent being that CSIO is apparently shipping shifters based on influence. That’s right! If you are a famous streamer, like Squirrel, then he will immediately process your order and get it out to you. Why? because if these people have a good experience, they will say so, and then people who aren;t influential will just look like fools when we speak out about being screwed over by this scam. Well, it’s not going to work, because people are starting to use Reddit, Facebook and other media to speak out about this scam.

Let’s start with the Better Business Bureau. Check out this link on their rating of CSIO Technologies:


Wow. An "F". That’s right. CSIO Technologies is rated an "F" … that’s as bad as you can get from the BBB. On that page, you will see that there are 11 complaints currently. I just filed mine yesterday, so that complaint list is going to be 12 shortly. I imagine more is to follow. Just look at some of the quotes from the complaints:


I still have not received my order, nor will the company respond to any of my inquiries.

We pre-ordered the SKRS shifter with the EasyJake, the total cost was 
$144.90. We received the shifter, but not the EasyJake. The shifter does not 
work. We have contacted the company four different times and still not have 
heard from them except to get a generic notice that they would contact us... as 
soon as possible. This has been going on since August. We did not ask for a 
refund. We asked for the shifter to be replaced and to get the EasyJake that 
we paid for; however, we have not had any contact from the company. I have 
called and left messages also, but they do not return my calls.

I placed an order on February 21, 21017 for a left hand drive shifter with an 
easy jake and an 18 speed medallion for the price of $154.90. It was paid in 
full at the time of purchase. At the time the order was placed, the company
stated their timeline from order date to ship date was three weeks. I... have 
attempted several times to contact them regarding my order. I have messaged 
them through facebook,, issued a ticket on their website on March 27, 2017, 
and have left multiple voicemails with no response. It is now August 16, 2017. 
I went on their website again today to see if there was any update on my order 
status. It still is the exact same as the day I ordered it. I called multiple 
times and could not get through to anyone. I have never spoken to anyone from 
this company or received any response from this company. I did leave another 
message today asking someone to return my call ASAP. I think I have been more 
than patient. I feel I should have received some kind of update. I really am 
beginning to feel like this is a scam.

Those are just a few examples from the 8 complaints the business failed to even respond to. Out of 11 complaints, 8 went unanswered even through the BBB. Wow. I bet mine goes unanswered as well. Oh, and add to that, there are also only negative reviews on the BBB web page for them as well. NO positive reviews at all.

Granted, you might read some of this and think, "Seriously? That’s like a handful of people." But remember, you’d be surprised at how few people even think of the BBB as a place to report tyheir issues. Nowdays social networking and forums seem to be the place to gather to get and send feedback on just about any subject out there. So let’s hit Reddit:







I could go on and on. There’s actually a LOT more threads saying the exact same thing, but you get the picture.

My Next Steps

I plan to keep fighting for my money back. If my bank doesn’t side with me on this, they will lose a customer there as well. However, I spoke to an agent recently who says that if i can provide enough evidence that I am not alone in this, as well as the screenshots proving he will not communicate with me, then they will go ahead and grant me the charge-back. Thus, this article came into being. What I thought would be just gathering documentation for myself has now become an effort to help educate the public and make sure others do not get burned by this scam. I am also filing my formal complaint with the BBB.

If I appeal to my bank, and i am again denied my money back, I will then be approaching, with my lawyer by my side (he’s an awesome guy, too), the Attorney General for both my home state as well as the state CSIO is in, which is Minneapolis, MN.

I will be editing this article as I make progress. Wish me luck.

UPDATE – September 20, 2017

https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://faelandaea.com/the-csio-technologies-skrs-scam/ – Quite the response to a post I made linking to this article. Almost everyone saying the same thing, with the exception of one individual – vernongt47 – Who appears to be every scammers’ dream customer. "Patience is a virtue", he says.

Sorry, folks, but that is NOT the way to do business.

I have also contacted again my banking institution. They are willing to re-open the investigation. Let’s see what happens this round. Someone from the investigations team is going to be calling me tomorrow.

The story so far:

  1. Fact: The company never has and never will reply to any message I have ever sent them.
  2. Fact:: The company will never voluntarily give me a refund or cancel my order, so a charge=back or court order action is the only route to take here.
  3. Fact: This is happening to multiple people, as seen by the "F" rating on the BBB web site, as well as the immense support and feedback I have received on Reddit, Steam and Facebook.

A Message to Flight Sim Enthusiasts Upset with Developers Moving On To P3Dv4 Only

Whilst reading news sites, such as Air Daily X, as wel as forums galore, I have constantly been seeing an onflux of people acting as if they are somehow being wronged by developer decisions to move forward and develop only for the latest and greatest in flight simulation platforms. In this case, I am referring to the awesome new Prepar3d Version 4, commonly known in the community as P3Dv4.

I actually find the attitudes of the people who are complaining to be very … well … face-palm worthy, to say the least. I get it … some folks are old, or just old dashioned, and choose to live in the dark ages. I get that. I also get that they have some nostalgia for that favorite add-on plane or scenery that has captured their heart and they cannot bear to leave behind … literally ever. I’m okay with that, also. But what these people do not seem to grasp is the simple fact that they CHOOSE to stay in those dark ages. There’s nothing wrong with that decision, but it IS a decision. it is NOT forced on them. They choose it. Where I have to shake my head is when they flip their lid and expect all of the community developers to stay in those dark ages with them and NOT move forward.

A bit of background … In an article back in July, fselite.net covered a story that stated "FlyTampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam and 29Palms Future Products to be P3D V4 Only". Thise news also was posted on Air Daily X and a number of other major news sites. It was news which rang beauty to my ears, and I smiles as I praised these developers for moving forward and taking advantage of the latest and greatest in platform technologies to give us better and better experiences in the sim. But, of course, the cave-people crawled out and started in a panic as if it was the end of their dark little world. "Oh, no," they cried, "How can these developers betray us like this?"

Honestly, I have to wonder what kind of selfish entitlement can pursued people to say, "Oh, hey, these new technologies are available, but I don’t want my favorite developer to use them because then it would interfere with me being able to use that awesome new add-on in my archaic and much outdated simulator." That is a thought process which disappoints me greatly. I know … it’s flight simulations and, let’s face it, this community has a LOT of very old folks with very old fashioned interests which include living in the past and not looking at all to what the future may bring the next generation under them. I am glad i am an open minded individual. If I have kids (I … well … I don;t think I have any … yet … **shuts off phone**), I would actually be happy to see them be able to get full and realistic experiences for aviation. I am a real world pilot, but it was actually thanks to my own obsession with flight simulation that I went out and started to fly in the real world. With younger generations, I could only hope that newer tech and newer ways to capture the imagination will captivate my kid(s) (If I ever have any) the same way it captivated me.

This is not the first time we’ve heard this argument before, either. Look what happened when Microsoft made the decision to quit supporting Windows XP. And rightly so, too. That bloody platform was over a decade old at the time of that announcement. Companies can;t be expected to support people who want to live in the past and not keep up with the times. I’d make the same decision if I were a developer.

When making a decision as to end support for something, here’s some of the main questions:

  1. Where does the FUTURE of my product lie? As in who is my FUTURE audience?
  2. How have sales for my CURRENT products been trending? Are they falling off? Or are they increasing? This gives me an idea of demand for the current tech platform.
  3. This is where some of you will go, "Oh you are so selfish!", but … What is it that I WANT to develop? After all, if i do not have passion for what I am making, how the heck can I do good at it?

Now, just because developers decide to make NEW products for CURRENT platforms only does NOT mean that current product owners HAVE to be left in the dust. Okay, so maybe you won;t get that new airport coming up, but chances are most likely that you can still get answers and technical assistance for your current product. There seems to be a huge influx of irrational thinking that just because FSDT, Flightbeam, etc. want to develop for P3Dv4 only that current customers will be completely ignored. I highly doubt that is the case.

One thing that does make me chuckle is the whole argument of, "Well if they quit updating my product how will it work in the future???" My reply can only be this: "Huh?" I mean, think about it … you are using an older scenery … on an older platform. That older platform is NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED OR UPDATED. Your scenery currently WORKS JUST FINE in that platform. So … since there will be no further updates to FSX, FSX:SE, or P3D 32 bit, then what the possible seven hells can possibly break your airport suddenly in the future? Nothing. That’s a fact that cannot be argued … at all. If no changes are being made, then the only thing that can break your currently working product is literally you and you alone.

So with that in mind, here are the facts:

  1. Developers need to focus on the CURRENT trends and platforms currently available. If they do not, they will not be able to move forward.
  2. Your life will not end because you choose not to move on with the latest and greatest in your hobby.
  3. Your hobby exists in a technological virtual world … change happens … it just happens.

Another amazing thing I keep hearing in the community is the whole "It’s too expensive to upgrade" BS. Okay, so you choose to get into LITERALLY the MOST EXPENSIVE computer game hobby in the world – flight simulation – and then expect everything to be cheaper than a visit to Starbuck’s? That’s an odd way of approaching things, and I wish you luck in learning how things happen in the real world. We are not forced into flight simulation. We CHOOSE this, and EVERY single one of us knows how expensibve this hobby can be before we even bother to get into it. Anyone who says otherwise … well … I call BS on that. With the way Flight Simulation products are advertised and presented, it is literally impossible to assume that you won;t be paying dearly to keep up with this very expensive hobby.

DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by this article, and have the feeling I have somehow flamed people unreasonably by writing this article, then you are one of the people who inspired me to write this article.

Back to the virtual skies, everyone. Thanks for reading.

CSIO Technologies – Do NOT buy from here!

I wanted to post this, and I am going to be copying this to all of my social media as well as my YouTube channel, to warn everyone that I can to NOT buy a CSIO Technologies shifter for your truck simulator.

As promised, I used funds from the kind donations of my viewer audience to buy a shifter in order to improve the truck simulation experience on my YouTube live streaming. For the first couple of weeks, in anticipation of this wonderful tool, I was very excited. However … that was way back on June 7th. I still have NOT received the shifter. In fact my account says it is still “processing”. CSIO has VERY carefully made sure that there is NO way to contact them except via an automated “support ticket” system on their web site, so there is no way to verify that they even received my order let alone received my support tickets. I have NEVER seen a business, online or otherwise, have less than 2 ways to contact. Here’s my experience:

June 7th … Placed order #6270 for a left hand drive shifter to fit the Logitech G70. The order went into “processing status” and my card was, of course, charged right away (on these types of things you’d think they would do what every other company does and charge the card when the bloody thing ships).

June 13th … I sent a support ticket just to ask for an ETA and to verify my order was received. No reply was ever given. My ticket was purposefully ignored. It posted, so the owner got it, but I was completely ignored without so much as an “f___ you” in response.

July 9th … I sent another support ticket asking if the guy was even still doing business. Again, he received it, and I was again completely ignored.

July 18th … Tough decision but I made the choice of disputing the charge with PayPal. I figured even if i DO receive the shifter, then what happens if I have a tech issue with the shifter? I’d be screwed because the guy at CSIO can and WILL completely ignore me anyway, so at this point I do not even WANT the shifter any more.

August 2nd – The dispute came back failed because PayPal in their infinite wisdom attached my dispute to some “0” amount pre-charge. I am still shaking my head at that one. I re-opened the claim over the phone this time and made sure they have it on the right charge.

As of this moment, August 17th, CSIO still has my money, are completely ignoring ALL attempts of contact, and have not even done anything with this supposed shifter that they supposedly sell. I gave in and trusted this because of the fact that famous streamers like Squirrel are using the same shifter. However, it appears that this is the key here … famous. You ONLY get attention from this company if you are famous online, which reels in little guys like me for a VERY well thought out scam. So much for trusting my favorite streamers.

Buyers beware … unless you are a famous online streamer, do NOT buy from CSIO. if you ARE a famous streamer, you will get absolute red carpet treatment, so that when folks like me post warning like this, there will be hope that no one will believe me, mainly because all of the “credible” famous streamers got a completely different experience. I admit, that’s a VERY well thought out scam. Nice work, CSIO, but I am still going to speak out and warn whoever WILL believe me … after all I have this thing about protecting the little guy. I don;t care about the rich guys out there who are famous. But I do want to at least try to help folks like myself who might actually fall for this as a result of those same streams.

By the way … this is NOTHING against famous streamers. It’s not their fault they get treated differently and thus have this “illusion” that companies like CSIO are somehow legitimate.

The Best of the Best – Aircraft for P3Dv3

During my streams I am asked often, “What is your favorite aircraft?” To be honest, that depends on my mood. However, I suppose it is more easier to assess the question as “What aircraft do you recommend?”  Now THAT is a different story altogether, because when it comes to recommending aircraft for others, it goes beyond mood … now it becomes a matter of quality and simulation.  And let’s face it, this IS a simulator, so simulation IS what we all truly want.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at which aircraft I would recommend for any category …


Single Engine Land – The GA Pilot

When it comes to the basics, and the passion, our roots always lie in General Aviation.  I took my introductory flight and a few lessons in a Cessna 150.  But the bulk of my PPL training took place in a Cessna 172M – N9614H.  She is no longer owned by the FBO I trained at, AND she has even been repainted, but I will always have her in my heart.  It is with that in mind that I fell in love with the closest possible thing in the Flight Sim World – A2A’s Cessna 172 Trainer:

She may be another model, but her numbers … her performance … everything matches right up with the Cessna I learned to fly in, right down to weight and balance.  With full simulation of wear and tear on systems, as well as a dynamic passive system that actually simulates the aircraft in the hangar … with your PC not even on … it is truly remarkable.  If you do not fly this bird at least once a month, it will let you know, and you will likely be looking forward to an extra oil change if that happens.

Once you get the GA basics down and get your PPL, you can move on to more complex versions of SEL aircraft.  For this I VERY highly recommend the Cessna 182 from A2A …

She has a full array of options, including integration for the AWESOME Flight1 GTN650 and GTN750 systems.  And she handles so beautiful.  She makes her way into many of my streaming adventures.

For those who like low-wing operations, A2A also has a VERy wonderful pair for you … the Cherokee 180 and Comanche 250 (Screenshots not included here, but their web site can show you what you need).

To take a look at these beautiful birds, hop on over to A2A simulations HERE!

For the Twin Engine GA Pilot

While A2A simulations dominates in the SEL (Single Engine Land) category, Flight1 came in on top for my twin engine aircraft of choice.  This covers both prop and jet transition, with their B200 and Mustang fitting the bill quite nicely.

The B200 is an outstanding simulation, not only being an esier learning curve in the Turboprop range, but also carrying that responsibility and complecity that comes with the basic operation of any aircraft.  Mismanaging your flaps, engines, gear, brakes or other systems will yield in failures and extra maintenance, so take good care of her.  But, take good care of her and she will indeed take good care of you.  And she is a dream to fly.

Once you feel you are ready for jets, transitioning from the B200 into the Cessna Citation Mustang becomes a breeze, as Flight1 has integrated the same G1000 avionics system into both aircraft.  This alone clears a huge learning curve between the two categories, as not all you have to work on is the dynamics and procedures of jet training.

Oddly enough, the fact that the mustang flies really no faster than the B200 makes it easier for me to decide what mood I am in on a given day … Prop or Jet.  And the fact that the Mustang is not a speeding bullet makes her an easier choice for jet transition.

I’d also like to include ESDG here as their Mustang has some great reviews, but I have not had the pleasure of flying that one since the old FS2004 days, so I do hope to be able to try V2 out in a few paychecks from now.

In the meantime, have a gander at the Citation Mustang and Beechcraft King Air B200 over at Flight1 Software.

Into the ATP World – Regional Airliners

It is absolutely, positively, no contest when it comes to deciding my choice for regional turbo-props.  Majestic Software nailed it right on in all aspects with their MJC8 Q400 Turboprop aircraft.  One would be hard pressed to find a single country in the entire world that does not see one of these fine aircraft flying somewhere within it at some time or other.  She looks cool, she sounds cool, and she handles cool.  I started with the Pilot Edition and very quickly ended up upgrading tot he pro edition, which adds on a HUD and some extra back-end options.

As for regional jetliners, I have been searching high and low and have yet to find one that I even like … BUT … Aerosoft GmbH has recently announced they are in testing phases on a CRJ series.  I plan to hold out until this comes to light, but rest assured with Aerosoft quality that CRJ will most likely end up in this list for sure.

In the meantime, stop on over to Majestic Software to have a go at their Q400.

And of Course … The Airliners

To be honest, I am a lover of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.  However i find myself flying Airbuses more and more, not because of any preference I have to the aircraft, but because of the outstanding customer service I receive from the developers.  When you buy an aircraft from them, they treat you like a customer.  PMDG, which is where the niche is for Boeing Aircraft … well … they developer fantastic simulations, but they have absolutely no human regard for their customers at all.

I drop close to 100 bucks on their 777, then a few moths later make the switch to P3D.  All other developers, Aerosoft included, easily accommodated my transfer and I managed to keep the products I own and love.  Even majestic gave me a license for both.  However, PMDG’s stance on someone in my situation is, “We don;t care how much money you’ve given us … you don;t get so much as a discount on anything at PMDG!”  Wow.  just wow.  So I get the “honor” of dropping ANOTHER 100 bucks … wait … MORE than 100 bucks … for some BS “license” to use the SAME product in P3D.  Utter BS indeed.

Thus, it is with customer service and how we as customers are treated in mind that i am NOT going to include PMDG and Boeing in this article today.  Sorry, PMDG.  Even other developers who do have separate product licenses at LEAST offer a discount.  Oh well.  Instead, I will stay on the Airbus side and show you the wonderful world that is Airbus:

For those wanting to get into the heavier long hauls, they are currently developing an A330 that I will be very excited to open my wallet for.  But in the meantime, you can sink your teeth into their Airbus Bundle, which includes the A319, 320 and 320 for a great price.

That’s all, folks.  I know I fly lots of other aircraft in the simulator, but these are the ones I would take seriously when recommending to any avid simulation enthusiast.